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Medicine for Birds

My close friends could tell you that I don't pay attention to song lyrics. Which is weird when you consider that I dabble in poetry, am a linguistics hobbyist, and write for a living. But it's true. I really don't pay much attention to song lyrics. I like vocal songs, but what matters most to me is the way the vocalist's voice sounds and the musicality of the lyrics themselves. The singer is in instrument, and I couldn't care less that they might also be trying to communicate something specific.

This makes watching musicals way more difficult than it should be, by the way.

Anywho, I wanted to make that clear so you'd understand how remarkable this point I'm about to make really is. See, I found a new artist you should check out. Her name is Angelica Garcia, and her first album, Medicine for Birds, was released earlier this year. And while her musicality is great and her voice is aurally interesting, the reason I really like her songs is, uncharacteristicall…

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