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Revisited Again: The 5 Best TV Shows

Yes yes, AGAIN. You're not wrong, we've done this twice before. But magnificently, the core list from the first article is actually changing a little bit! We're going to talk about spots 4 and 5 today, meaning that MASH's status is changing. So let's break the trend and start with the lower number, shall we?

#4 - Agents of SHIELD
Yes, MASH has been dethroned. Reason for this? They added the whole thing to Netflix since the last time I revisited this list, and I watched a big chunk of it. It's still amazing TV. Hilarious, dramatic, real, full of heart and characters I love. But AoS is also all of those things and falls into a genre I prefer with longer episodes more focused on advancing larger stories. I am a sucker for a well told story in TV, and while episodic shows still dominate my favorite TV spots, they're all longer form (at least 45 minute episodes). So really MASH loses out solely based on it's sitcom-ish components.

Like I said, still amazing …

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