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Black Panther

This was our first MCU film since the release of Thor: Ragnarok, and I just really can't help but be amazed at how consistently this franchise turns out such high quality films. And I don't just mean "the action is always fun" or something like that. Every aspect of these films is high quality, considering their "blockbuster" status and the requirement that they sell bajillions of tickets. There are compromises, of course, but there are compromises in every film as they try to target a specific audience. Marvel knows what their audience looks like, and they're really good at delivering exactly what they want in packages that still mange to be different enough from each other that they can release three of them in a year and make money on all of them.

Nobody else can do this. The whole thing seems frankly impossible. Yet here I am, impressed with Black Panther for delivering on audience expectations while still managing to feel different and fresh.

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