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Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Hmm? Oh, yes. I am in fact combining these two movies into one review. I'm doing that because they are very similar in many respects (considering they both hinge around Thor's little journey of self discovery) and they both sit right next to each other in my personal ranking, with the first movie just winning out over the sequel. So chill, Maurice. Everything is fine, and I'm not just a colossally lazy person. Promise.

Ah, so. The Thor Twins. I'm overall a pretty big fan of both of these movies, probably because (Black Widow aside because that's not a fair comparison) Thor is my favorite superhero in the MCU at the moment. As a side note, who's stoked for Captain Marvel? Everyone, right? Right? I mean, if you're not you really need to start getting stoked. Because that's coming and it sure as heck better be epic.

Right. Thor. He's currently my favorite (non-Widow) Avenger, due to both his immense power and jealousy-inspiring hair. He's also got …

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