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Answering Even More Big Ones

Propane vs Charcoal Propane is a rapper that's been around since at least 2010, featured a lot on other people's stuff, who has really only released one album. His style isn't particularly memorable, but he can rap. He's like one of those lesser-known rappers who gets featured in the troll-bridge section of a lot of pop songs, you know? That rapping bit that doesn't fit in and comes out of nowhere? That kind of thing.

Charcoal Tongue is a metal band that released a single at the beginning of 2017. It's an okay metal song, but they're not readily discernible from a dozen other metal/hard rock bands that have a really screamy lead singer. In fact, I'm still listening to the song and I've already forgotten what it sounds like.

Both artists are kinda forgettable, but at least Propane has more than one single. Propane wins.

Edward vs Jacob Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros are, as of their most recent album released in 2016, evidently trying to drop …

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